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Minnesota Fringe Festival Previews

By Gary Elfert | July 30, 2009

VISI is proud to sponsor both the Fringe Festival and the first annual Fringey Awards. The Minnesota Fringe Festival is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization that organizes an annual, 11-day festival. The Fringey Awards is a video contest for Fringe companies.

In a nutshell, each of the Fringe companies can upload one 60-second video trailer or preview for the show they’ll be performing at the Minnesota Fringe – a trailer which they feel captures the essence of their performance in a less than a minute. The trailer can be an excerpt from the performance itself, or not. It can be funny, dramatic, shocking or whimsical.

Evaluation of the videos were conducted by three independent judges with backgrounds in theatre, media, and technology, providing 75 percent of the judging weight. In addition, anyone visiting the Fringey Web site is allowed to vote three times for their favorite Fringey videos — these online votes will be combined to count as a fourth judge (or 25% of the total).

The voting period was July 1st thru July 28th, 2009. We’ve tallied the votes and the results are in. We will be announcing the winner on August 9th at the Guthrie Theatre.  For now, we’ll list the three finalists (in no particular order):

Sarah, Your Ovaries Are Drying Up: The Musical

The Traveling Musicians

The Harty Boys in: The Case of the Limping Platypus

The Minnesota Fringe Festival starts today!  Visit the Fringey Awards or the Fringe site to pick out the shows you want to see.  Leave me a comment with your favorite shows!

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