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VISI to Host Managed Services Webinar

By Meagan Maue | January 03, 2012

How do downtime, outages and other problems impact your business?   How satisfied you are with the level and quality of monitoring you have today?  Are you too busy with routine maintenance to focus on higher-value projects?

VISI is hosting a webinar on January 25, 2012 entitled Partnering with an MSP for Monitoring and Management. MSP’s let you offload specific IT operations while assuming responsibility for monitoring, managing and maintenance of network, software, hardware and related IT systems and functions on your behalf. This webinar will educate participants about the services offered by a managed services provider (MSP) as well as provide a demo of VISI’s advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities. 

View the full description of the webinar and register here.


Webinar Recording (Cloud Trends: The Impact to Your Business and Customers)

By Alan Muther | October 06, 2011

Last week VISI hosted a webinar on the topic of cloud trends and how they can impact your business and customers. For those of you who were able to attend, we hope you found the presentation by VISI’s CTO Jason Baker useful and interesting. We went ahead and uploaded the slides and recording of the webinar online. Feel free to watch the webinar below or view the slides on SlideShare. If you have any questions regarding the webinar or anything else, please contact us. We also have a few upcoming events that you may be interested in. Find out more at


Webinar: Cloud Trends: The Impact to Your Business and Customers

By Alan Muther | September 01, 2011

Cloud computing represents an evolution in the way that software is delivered and consumed. Cloud computing is as disruptive to applications running in the enterprise as PC’s were to applications running on mainframes. It is perhaps the greatest evolutionary change in IT since the commercialization of the Internet. Every business will feel the impact of cloud computing over the next decade as applications are delivered nearly instantly and from anywhere. What does this evolution mean for your business and your customers? What are some of the industry and market forces shaping this evolution in IT?

Join VISI for a free webinar on recent cloud trends to hear more about what is happening in this dynamic space.

Date: September 28, 2011
Time: 12pm-1pm CDT

P.S. Attendees will receive a free VISI cloud t-shirt!


VISI Solutions Architect as Panelist in Webinar

By Meagan Maue | June 28, 2011

Recently, one of VISI’s Solutions Architects, Johnny Hatch, was a panelist for a webinar hosted by FierceTelecom. Cloud Services was the focus of the webinar, as its panel of experts explored questions like:

•What are the compelling service provider cloud services strategies?
•What are the benefits of cloud services to businesses and consumers?
•Cloud service provider consolidation: What is the best strategy to grow your cloud business? Is it best to conduct targeted acquisition of other cloud providers or through organic growth? Or is it a combination of both approaches?
•What is the best strategy to create a profitable cloud-based Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations (DR/COOP) product?
•Public vs. Private clouds: What is the best strategy? Does it depend on particular customer’s needs?
•What is the best practice for storing and securing your valuable customer identity data?

To receive a copy of the webinar, please complete the form provided here.


Missed Our Cloud Storage Webinar? No Problem!

By Alan Muther | March 21, 2011

Last week VISI and Mezeo hosted a webinar on how to Reduce Storage Costs with On-Demand Cloud Storage. There was a great turnout and we hope everyone gained some additional knowledge on how cloud storage can benefit growing companies. If you were not able to attend or if you would like to watch the webinar again you can do so below.

During the webinar we introduced our new cloud storage product and announced a promotion offering two months of free cloud storage for those who sign-up before April 30th, 2011. Sign up today.

Learn more about breakfast events coming up this Spring with IBM and Microsoft that we would love to have you attend.  Visit our events page to learn more.


Reduce Storage Costs with On-Demand Cloud Storage

By Alan Muther | February 08, 2011

The explosion of data growth is presenting new challenges in managing a storage infrastructure. Multiple business requirements are driving the need for storage and a comprehensive strategy is required to meet these requirements.

Cloud storage is a cost effective solution to meet the explosion of data growth. VISI has teamed with Mezeo to present a webinar titled Reduce Storage Costs with On-Demand Cloud Storage to showcase the tangible benefits cloud storage can provide to your organization.

• Existing and emerging use cases for Cloud Storage
• Technology behind Cloud Storage
• Benefits of an application programming interface (API)
• Costs savings using Cloud Storage within the VISI data center

I invite you to sign-up at We’ll also mention how some of our current managed hosting customers can receive 50GB of free cloud storage a month!


How to Overcome the 3 Biggest PCI Compliance Challenges

By Alan Muther | January 07, 2011

VISI will be teaming up with Alert Logic on January 20, 2011 for a webinar to discuss how to overcome PCI compliance challenges. The webinar begins at 12pm CST and registration is free. “How to Overcome the 3 Biggest PCI Compliance Challenges” webinar will cover the following key points and more:

• Effective and sustainable log management, IDS, and vulnerability management.
• An affordable and easy to implement solution.
• A reduction in the amount of time your team spends on PCI compliance.

This is a webinar you won’t want to miss out on. Register today at

PS – Attendees will be entered for a chance to win a $200 VISA gift card!


The Data Center – Survival of the Fittest

By Alan Muther | December 14, 2010

Everyone hears of business economic upturns, downturns and cycle. Data centers started in vacant rooms and university science hall basements, evolved to pristine and secure facilities with a cost per square foot exceeding the best R&D facilities in the country, with higher operating costs per square foot than any the garage rock bands of the 60′s could have imagined. For the past 50 years there have been cycles in technologies and business that have fueled the evolution of the data center systems, networks and how people use them.

This presentation will take a bit of a walk down memory lane, look at cycles of technology that have driven architecture and end user patterns, and what has led to the super species of corporate and service provider data center that dot the landscape. What designs stayed the same, what is changing, and what are some of the innovative approaches being taken today? What does it take to survive in your data center world? How do we manage these facilities today versus days gone by?

Tune-in Thursday, December 16th at 10:15am CST to watch Leon Schilmoeller present as part of the IASA’s E-Summit: The Architect Hodgepodge webinar. Register today.


EVENT: Why Data Center Tiers Matter- Free Webinar

By Meagan Maue | December 08, 2010

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between data center tiers? Maybe you have thought about how those variations affect your business needs. After being awarded Tier III status, VISI has received many questions about this topic. In an educational webinar, Ray Hagen, VISI Product Manager, and Tom Baehr, Director of Business Development with the Uptime Institute, will be discussing the Tiers program and how it aligns with your security needs. If you are interested in learning more, please visit

When: December 9, 2010 from 12pm-1pm CST
Where: Online
Register: Free. Click here to register


Webinar Recap: VDS Personas

By Alison Kay | January 20, 2010

We appreciate everybody who attended today’s webinar on Virtual Dedicated Servers. If you were unable to make it or would like to share it with your coworkers, you can find it in our webinar archive.

For a quick review of the presentation, you can also download a PDF of the slides.

Other upcoming events include the TwinWest STEM Summit, a free breakfast seminar entitled “Security and Reliability in the Cloud”,  and Business & Economic Outlook 2010. You can view details on these events at our events page.


A Look Back at Virtualization in 2009

By Johnny Hatch | January 05, 2010

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year! 2009 proved to be a great year for VISI, and hopefully for all of you as well. Last year, virtualization technologies became more mainstream. Join me as I lead our first webinar of 2010 and take a closer look at the benefits you can gain from virtualization.  During this presentation we will lay out three real-life scenarios of companies who chose VISI’s virtual dedicated server (based on VMware technology) over physical equipment.  Come and see if you can identify with our personas and use cases so that you might be better equipped in your decision-making process toward a hosting solution. Register online at


Webinar Recap: Cloud Storage Revealed

By Alison Kay | December 03, 2009

Thank you to all who attended our webinar on cloud storage. If you missed the webinar or are interested in seeing it again, you have a few options.
1. View the recorded webinar in our webinar archive.
2. Download a PDF of the slides.
3. Read about VISI’s cloud storage solution.

VISI Cloud Storage will be released on December 10th. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


VISI Cloud Webinar

By Jason Baker | November 04, 2009

I would like to thank everyone for attending our cloud webinar this afternoon.  Johnny and I were really excited to talk about the new ReliaCloud platform and provide a live demo.  Many of the questions we received during the webinar were insightful and we promise to incorporate your feedback into our product.  You can download a PDF file containing the slides from the presentation today.


SEO Webinar Recap

By Alison Kay | October 09, 2009

Thank you very much to August Ash, Incorporated, a Minneapolis Internet marketing firm, who partnered with us today to help bring you a webinar on search engine optimization. Two of their Internet marketing strategists, Shelley Sanders and Tim Karlberg, shared their expertise on the world of search engine optimization.

For quick access to the presentation, you can download a PDF of the slides.

If you missed the webinar or want to see it again, you can view the video in our webinar archive.


Getting the Most out of Cloud Storage – Webinar Recap

By Alison Kay | September 03, 2009

Thanks to all who attended our webinar on cloud storage presented by Jason Baker. For those of you unable to make it, some of the highlights included Jason’s characteristics of cloud storage, various use cases, cloud storage trends and a description of VISI’s forthcoming cloud storage product. The PowerPoint presentation is now available to download in PDF form. Please feel free to leave a comment regarding your thoughts on the webinar, or topics you’d like to see covered in future webinars.

After performing in-depth testing including acquiring and testing competitive products, VISI has recently announced their using ParaScale’s software to enable our cloud storage service. Their software will allow us to create a flexible cloud storage product with multiple access methods: API, drive mounts and HTTP.

We look forward to your feedback as we finalize cloud storage.  Our cloud storage beta launch will begin later this month with the general availability release in October.

We also still have seats available at our free cloud computing breakfast seminar (Cloud VISION) which will be happening next month at the Metropolitan in Minneapolis. It is not too late to reserve your seat for beta testing or Cloud VISION.

Want to learn more about VISI? Check out the About Us page.