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VISI Participates at the STEM Summit

By Meagan Maue | March 20, 2013

For the past several years VISI has been an exhibitor of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce’s annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Summit. The event provides us the opportunity to teach area middle school and high school students about aspects of data center operations, and careers they may have available to them if they pursue higher education in one of these disciplines.

This year VISI brought two 2U servers and allowed students to dissect its components. A large flat screen television played a virtual tour of our Tier III Eden Prairie Data Center, so they could see how these servers fit into our colocation business.

VISI is proud to help develop the next generation of Minnesota’s IT leaders, and we enjoyed meeting with so many talented young individuals!



Enterprise Cloud Summit to be held on October 16, 2012 in Minneapolis, MN

By Gary Elfert | September 04, 2012

We are proud to present the Enterprise Cloud Summit, a chance for IT leaders and business executives to hear from technology experts on the topic of enterprise cloud computing.

The event will be held on October 16, 2012, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear Bill Martorelli from Forrester Research talk about the second wave of cloud computing.

Bill Martorelli, a Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, will present on the topic of “Navigating the Second Wave of Cloud Computing.” Bill will illustrate how mid-sized enterprises are migrating to the cloud, review key selection criteria when moving traditional IT production workload to cloud services, and illustrate potential performance and financial benefits of cloud-based IT delivery.

Clint Harder, Vice President of Product Strategy for TDS HMS, will present a session on “Cloud Services and Enterprise IT Applications: Are They a Match?” Clint will take the audience through key decision points in selecting cloud services for enterprise applications. He will also provide an overview of ReliaCloud, including insights into the thought processes that went into the design, engineering, and competitive positioning.

More details about the Enterprise Cloud Summit as well as registration information can be found at Registration is free and includes a complimentary hot breakfast from D’Amico Catering and the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet from Google.



VISI to Attend MN Real Estate Journal’s Technology Conference

By Meagan Maue | May 16, 2012

On May 18th, VISI will be an exhibitor at the Minnesota Real Estate Journal’s Technology Conference, held at the Double Tree Hotel in St. Louis Park.  The theme of this year’s conference is Opportunities in Developing High Performance Space & Data Centers.  The agenda includes sessions on the following topics:

  • How to incorporate new technology platforms into your next project
  • How technology has created advancements in integrated project delivery
  • What types of energy savings can be easily made
  • Key data center decisions: New construction & retrofit of existing buildings
  • Integrated project delivery

 The conference expects between 150-250 commercial real estate professionals.  Among the experts on the panel, two data center professionals from VISI – Bob Glasgow, the project manager for facilities construction at VISI and Ray Hagen, product manager for colocation, will be offering their expertise in these break-out sessions.  Details on the event along with registration are available online.


SEMINAR: Navigate into the Enterprise Cloud

By Alan Muther | May 02, 2012

Businesses can purchase enterprise cloud infrastructure from dozens of service providers in the marketplace today. While many providers classify their cloud platforms as “enterprise ready”, no two enterprise cloud providers are exactly alike. Businesses need to take a reasoned approach to evaluating the capabilities of potential enterprise cloud vendors. In this seminar, Jason Baker, Chief Technology Officer of VISI, will cover a recommended three step approach when contracting services from an enterprise cloud provider:

1. Identify the business IT stakeholder requirements.

2. Map the business requirements to the enterprise cloud provider’s capabilities

3. Create a cloud service agreement

The breakfast seminar Navigate into the Enterprise Cloud will be held on May 30th from 7:30-9:00am at our Eden Prairie Data Center. Stick around afterwards for a tour of our Tier III data center.

Register today at


VISI to attend 2012 Technology Conference, Minnesota Bankers Association

By Meagan Maue | April 04, 2012

This month VISI will be attending the Minnesota Bankers Association’s 2012 Technology Conference at the Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, MN.  The conference will highlight today’s hot topics within the banking industry, including those related to operations, business continuity and information security.  Several speakers will present on IT-specific topics, and later in the conference attendees will get the opportunity to hear from a Banker/Vendor Panel on the best practices in Mobility.  Check out more information on this exciting two-day event!


Spoiler Alert!

By Meagan Maue | March 25, 2012

This morning at 10am, the winner of the Nerdery’s annual Overnight Website Challenge was crowned. Two Unicorns, One Moon took home the win for their hard work improving the website of West African Medical Missions. Honorable mentions went to Twin Cities EE who was partnered with Franconia Sculpture Park, The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen who worked with Little Voyageurs Montessori School, and Team Pegacorn who improved the website of Metro CISM Team.

Great job to all 18 teams competing this year! Now get some sleep!!


Let The Games Begin

By Meagan Maue | March 24, 2012

I woke up bright and early on this rainy Saturday morning to take part in the opening ceremonies of the Overnight Website Challenge.  Over the previous five years of the #WebChallenge, over $2 million in professional services have been donated to 66 non-profits and this year will add 18 more to the list.  This great feat was commended by Senator Al Franken in a video commentary he created for 2012 Challenge participants during this morning’s festivities.


Data Center Decisions: Build Versus Buy [Video]

By Alan Muther | March 19, 2012

VISI recently hosted a seminar entitled Data Center Decisions: Build Versus Buy. Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting presented and made the point that the choice of whether to build your own data center or to lease space from a data center provider is one of the most critical business decisions you can make for your organization. He went on to explain that considerations such as overall ROI, operational flexibility, future growth and virtualization all have to be taken into account in order to find the solution that best meets your needs. Thanks to everyone who were able to attend. If you were not able to attend, you can view a copy of the presentation on SlideShare or view video from the seminar below.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about VISI’s Midwest data centers, feel free to call our sales team at 612-395-9090.


TwinWest to Host Third STEM Summit on March 21, 2012

By Meagan Maue | March 16, 2012

Over the past several years VISI has been a sponsor of TwinWest’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Summit at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.  We’re excited to participate again this year! The goal of this event is to encourage students to take STEM-related courses by showing them what job opportunities could be available for them in the future.

This year VISI will be offering 6th to 9th grade students from area schools the opportunity to test their knowledge on the fundamental infrastructure that powers business: that’s right, a computer server!  They will get to practice switching out components of an actual server while learning how servers are used to power everyday applications.  Of course, fun prizes will be available as well!

Past results of this event have been great.  According to TwinWest, when surveyed, 72 percent of the student participants indicated a higher likelihood to take STEM-related courses.


Considering Outsourcing Your Data Center?

By Alan Muther | February 29, 2012

We hear from companies regularly that are trying to decide if they expand their existing data center or leverage a colocation provider.

If this is a decision your company is currently evaluating, you may want to attend our upcoming seminar on March 9th entitled Data Center Decisions: Build Versus Buy. Registration is free and there are a few seats available.

Many companies have already made the decision to go with a colocation provider. Choosing a data center colocation provider can seem like a daunting task, but if you do your homework and ask the right kinds of questions you can make the best decision for your company. After all, how much is your business continuity worth? Most likely, it’s enough to warrant the time and effort it takes to ensure you select the best provider available for your business needs.

Based on our experience as a colocation provider, we put together a resource for companies that are in the initial process of selecting a colocation provider. You can download the Buyer’s Guide to Colocation that has been authored by VISI’s data center experts.

Contact us to learn more about colocation and other data center services that we provide.


SEMINAR: Data Center Decisions: Build Versus Buy

By Alan Muther | February 03, 2012

The choice of whether to build your own data center or to lease space from a data center provider is one of the most critical business decisions you can make for your organization. Considerations such as overall ROI, operational flexibility, future growth and virtualization all have to be taken into account in order to find the solution that best meets your needs.

In the video above, Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting introduces the “Build vs. Buy” question and lends some insight into the risks and benefits of either decision.

Join VISI for a breakfast seminar on Data Center Decisions: Build versus Buy. We’ve invited Jeff Gilmer with Excipio Consulting to discuss the ‘Real World’ issues surrounding data centers today. The discussion will focus on assessing growth, capacity, consolidation, risks, and benefits related to operating your own data center or relocating your equipment with a data center provider.

This seminar will be held at 7:30-9:00am at The Westin Edina Galleria on March 9th. Register at


VISI to Host Managed Services Webinar

By Meagan Maue | January 03, 2012

How do downtime, outages and other problems impact your business?   How satisfied you are with the level and quality of monitoring you have today?  Are you too busy with routine maintenance to focus on higher-value projects?

VISI is hosting a webinar on January 25, 2012 entitled Partnering with an MSP for Monitoring and Management. MSP’s let you offload specific IT operations while assuming responsibility for monitoring, managing and maintenance of network, software, hardware and related IT systems and functions on your behalf. This webinar will educate participants about the services offered by a managed services provider (MSP) as well as provide a demo of VISI’s advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities. 

View the full description of the webinar and register here.


Presentation for ‘The Role of Cloud Computing In Your Data Center Strategy’

By Alan Muther | November 22, 2011

Last week we hosted two back-to-back seminars on the topic of The Role of Cloud Computing In Your Data Center Strategy. Jeff Gilmer with Excipio provided a great presentation on how cloud computing fits into your overall data center strategy. We would like to thank all of those who were able to attend. If you were not able to attend, you can download a copy of the presentation on SlideShare or view it below.

From all of us at VISI, have a great Thanksgiving and stay warm!


Upcoming Seminar: The Role of Cloud Computing In Your Data Center Strategy

By Alan Muther | October 14, 2011

There is rarely a conversation about technology today which doesn’t include the conversation or term of “Cloud Computing”. Yet with all the conversation, there appears to be a multitude of definitions, criteria, maturity and other factors describing the “Cloud“. How do you decipher and understand what “Cloud” really means, and is it a fit for your organization.

Join VISI on November 16th or 17th for a seminar on the topic of The Role of Cloud Computing in Your Data Center Strategy. Jeff Gilmer, a senior partner with Excipio Consulting with over 30 years of IT experience, will be presenting. Excipio has completed hundreds of data center assessments for both public and private organizations ranging in size from 350 to over 100,000+ employees.

Each seminar will include a complimentary breakfast or lunch. Registration and details about the event at


Event: A Look Inside Private Clouds

By Alan Muther | May 26, 2011

Have you ever wondered what makes a private cloud different than other clouds? The notion of a private cloud is primarily one of tenancy – single vs. multitenant. Customers using private cloud offerings are typically mid-market and large enterprises which face regulatory compliance concerns (such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc) and require the peace of mind offered by a single tenant environment. The two main drivers behind the desire for single tenancy are security and quality-of-service.

Join us on June 30th for a breakfast seminar at our Eden Prairie headquarters as VISI’s Solution Architect Johnny Hatch presents different approaches to address common cloud security and control concerns. Johnny will offer insights into what companies are doing with their private cloud initiatives and give you a look behind the scenes on how VISI implements secure private cloud environments for our customers. We will take a deep dive into the infrastructure components that make up a private cloud so that you can better understand the risks and benefits of moving your applications to a private cloud environment.

• When does it make sense to move to cloud architecture?
• Is a public or private cloud approach the right model?
• What security issues are addressed in a private cloud?
• Private clouds as part of a hybrid cloud strategy
• Case study of private cloud customer

To find out more and to register, please visit to reserve your seat today!

Want to learn more about VISI? Check out the About Us page.